MDB Tool

Installing the extension
Recently I needed the install the mdbtool extension in order to access a Microsoft Access Database (mdb) and found it was a little difficult. I am composing my experience so others don't have to go through this as I did. I also relize this is probally not a very common utility so I will update this with example query code once I get that far.

Step 1:

Download the mdbtool from pecl:

Step 2:

Extract the file.
tar -zxvf mdbtools-1.0.0.tgz

cd mdbtools-1.0.0
make install

Step 3:

Add the extension to php.ini

Verify the is in your extension path. The extension path is a value set in php.ini. It is ok to copy to .so file to that directory if it is not compiled into the default extension directory. Becarefull not to break other extensions like Zend if you modify the extension directory.

Step 4:

Restart apache.

Now goto your info.php page and mdbtools will now be listed.

MDB data file access library

Version 1.0.0stable (2007-11-27)


Hartmut Holzgraefe (lead)